Professional Services for Municipal Clients


•       Industry-best analysis and structuring to meet the client’s financial goals.
•       Complete turnkey process – we coordinate all activities related to the transaction.
Ø Liaison between the client and rating agencies, bond insurers including preparation of presentation materials to facilitate the process.
Ø Coordination with bond counsel regarding all pertinent legislative and legal issues.  Presentation of all legal documents to the board ready for signature at closing.
Ø Preparation of Official Statement in conformity with all disclosure laws.
Ø Coordinate signing and filing of all documents prior to closing.
Ø Ongoing support and preparation for future issues.
•       Select underwriter or direct sale through a competitive or negotiated process to provide the lowest possible interest cost to the client.
Ø When underwriters compete, the issuer wins.
Ø Our only client is you the issuer, not the bond buyer.
Ø Independent studies consistently show that municipalities that use financial advisors achieve lower borrowing costs than those who use only underwriting firms.